Hi everyone!

I’ve been spreading myself rather thin in the last year, with three blogs and many many many many book projects. The book projects are all staying, so to make more time for them, I’m streamlining my blogs!

In future, romance-related posts will appear on my regular blog, Mortal Words. If you want to keep up with reviews, romance news, interviews, new releases and up upcoming romance writing projects, pop on over there to subscribe.

In coming months, my publisher Clan Destine Press, will be reissuing my existing erotic romance stories under my regular writing name – Narrelle M Harris. That name will also appear on my upcoming romance novels, The Adventure of the Colonial Boy (Holmes & Watson, via Improbable Press) and a paranormal gay romance novel, Ravenfall (I’m awaiting some feedback from my beta readers before doing the final round of edits).

I’ll leave Adventurous Hearts here, but I won’t be posting any new material on this site.



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