Queermance Titles

So far I have two queer romance series with Clan Destine: the Talbott and Burns Mysteries (M/M) and the upcoming Hammer and Tongues stories (F/F). I’m also working on my first, full-length queermance paranormal adventure romance (M/M).

Talbott and Burns Mysteries

HomecomingFor two very smart men, Elliot Talbott and Jack Burns can be mighty slow: hell, it took them a decade to realise they were perfect for each other.

When they start an investigation business, mayhem naturally follows.

Looking for ghosts, witches and the paranormal, what they find is crooks, real life and a heap of trouble.

It’s a good thing they have each other as well.

Stories so far:

  • Homecoming
  • A Paying Client (coming soon)

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Hammer and Tongues

Alice Taylor Stewart is an engineer. Nerida Cordo is a linguist. Together, they travel the world building bridges both literal and figurative. They also delight in getting up to all kinds of mischief. They’re practically a two-woman St Trinians.

And the other thing in which they take delight?

Each other.

  • Birds of a Feather (coming soon)

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Queermance Anthology

I also have a story in Queermance Volume 1, from the 2014 Queermance Festival.


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